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Monday, September 19, 2011

Scripts [Closed]

As the title says, now that we've all collectively put ourselves back together after the end, it's time to start thinking about this little project. If you would like to submit a script for the /a/nthology project OR you are an artist who is willing to write and draw, which is also perfectly fine, I figured now is as good as time as any to start.

Some arbitrary guidelines:

  1. No 'real' length limit, because that really boils down the artist. But in the interest of getting it done in ~2 months, I'd say a script for 2-8 pages is about right. Or 4koma scripts even. Whatever you want. You can turn in one for 16 pages but there is just no guarantee it gets picked up by an artist
  2. How to submit: Real flexible here too. You can email it to me as a doc @ munich_burn1ng[at] or copy it to pastebin or privatepaste and link it here, host it on your own blog, just make sure to LINK IT HERE so that I can collect them all in one big post for the artists next.
  3. When it's due by: The end of september is when I want to have the artists decided, so maybe a few days before the 30th. But if you guys want it open till the end of sept, we can do that too.
  4. Oh and the theme is christmas, in case you forgot.
1- do you want writers to submit multiple scripts so artists will have a bigger pool of stuff to pick from?
feel free to submit as many as you want (but a reasonable number, obviously)
2- if we email the scripts to you, when you say 'link it here' in the submissions post should we just comment with a note reminding you which scripts we sent by email, or does that statement only apply if submitting by non-email?
email OR independently hosted link is fine. If you want to do both, I won't stop you.
3- the theme is Christmas, but I saw some people theorizing they wanted other stuff too (beach stuff, etc.). Since it's no trouble to churn out a couple of extra scripts if they're wanted, do you prefer all submissions are of a Christmas or winter sort of nature, or did you want us to incorporate in the ideas suggested in the brainstorming post?
If you want to write a script for something non christmas you are welcome to send it... who says you can't have christmas on some sunny tropical beach anyway? In the end if an artist likes it enough to draw it out for the /a/nthology, it will be included, cohesiveness be damned.

Addendum 2: Quite a few people also had editor/collaborator on their list of offered jobs, so if you're definitely up for the task, leave your info in the comments so anyone who is in need can contact you! Thanks.

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  1. Well, if anyone needs an editor or a collaborator, I'm here.