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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brainstorming Post

This is just for preliminary ideas to be thrown out willy-nilly. The last episode hasn't even aired yet so we should  refrain from solid plans until we know who is alive at the end Kidding, everyone will be alive.

My own vague ideas that really have no bearing on the final decision, you guys do that
- Plan to finish the project by early December, 2011
- Central theme of Christmas (but not mandatory)
- in that vein, derpy christmas party time

Q. what format should this be in?
A. Personally I was thinking a collection of comics, as long and as short as the artist is willing to do, given time constraints and complexities

Q. How should we communicate?
A. This is just a blog hub. Information really goes one way here. IRC, as noted on top, can be used for one on one, I can be contacted at for any other purpose.

TRY not to use the threads on /a/ just because some people get butthurt. But if you have to, it can't be helped.

Feel free to comment with ideas you have, nothing is set in stone yet so the sky's the limit for now


  1. Original thread:

    Based on this original series of ideas, I started coming up with the following:

    Kotetsu survived the ordeal with H-01 but it takes him months to recuperate and either his powers are gone or he can't be out superheroing for a while. It's Christmas and Kotetsu invites Barnaby to experience a warm, happy family Christmas for the first time in his life of suffering.

    Start doujin with "Christmas Eve, NC 1979?" Show exterior of Kaburagi house in Oriental Town. Is there a little snow on the ground or is it just cold and windy with dead trees? Kaede is putting up decorations, Anju is baking. Kotetsu comes in and asks Kaede if she's sending a letter to Santa Claus this year, Kaede typically MOU IYADA I'M TOO OLD FOR THAT, DAD.

    What is Barnaby doing besides being a little awkward?

    Kotetsu's bro shows up with the Christmas tree, they get it set up and start decorating. Joke about blowing Hundred Power to set up large, unwieldy tree? Kotetsu's brother being srs, Kotetsu being derp.

    As they are decorating the tree, do the other heroes start dropping in?

    But others have pointed out this is too much of a stretch and setting it in Sternbild would make more sense.

    If this is an anthology however... I dunno lol?

  2. Wolff !!bL7BHXa9k9L 09/17/11(Sat)16:44 No.54802882
    >Kotetsu tries to be a showy bartender and ties to flip bottles while mixing drinks and breaks them all.
    I see it
    and now I want this to be in the /a/nthology too

  3. First comment:
    Being set in SB makes the most sense, that way the others can stop by in a more natural way. 
    Barnaby, Kotetsu and Kaede live together in a big house on the silver level of Sternbild.  Anju and Muramasa come over for Christmas dinner ad the other heroes come by causing various comedic incidents.  

    Here's an idea I had- While the ladies are in the kitchen, Barnaby stands around awkwardly a Kotetsu and Muramasa are decorating. Muramasa gets fed up with Kotetsu's whining and joins Anju in the kitchen, and Barnaby helps Kotetsu with the tree and they end up breaking it in two. 

    For the second comment: 
    The conversation in the thread at the time was about what Kotetsu was doing during retirement. Someone said he could have worked in Muramasa's bar, and another said he could see Kotetsu standing behind the counter with shattered bottles everywhere, and Muramasa standing there fuming saying "get out!" which led to my idea.